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What we do

The Oak IF Group specialises in the financing and construction of social housing in Natal, in north-eastern Brazil, where we supply homes for the government backed programme Casa Verde e Amarela – meaning Green and Yellow House.
The programme was launched in 2009 by the government of Brazil under the name Minha Casa Minha Vida (My House My Life) by the government of Brazil with the aim of eradicating the poverty-stricken favelas. It has recently been renamed as Casa Verde e AmarelaBy providing low cost finance to people earning less than three times the minimum wage, it enables them to purchase these new affordable homes.


Historically the Casa Verde e Amarela programme has been overseen by the Caixa Economica Federal bank and the Banco de Brasil – the two largest financial institutions in South America.  Recently, due to the ever increasing demand for the hosing within the programme, the government has expanded the management of the programme by involving the private banking sector, including banks such as ITAU, Bradesco and Banco Santander.


The programme has been hugely successful, by helping to relocate over 7 million of Brazil’s poorest families to date, with the aim of providing 24 million new homes in the coming years.


Although providing finance for homebuyers, the Brazilian government does not directly fund construction, which is entirely in the hands of independent property developers. The Oak IF Group raises funds from investors and develops properties to be sold as part of the Casa Verde e Amarela programme. We manage the entire development process from the sourcing of suitable projects, through the construction phase, right down to the sales to end user buyers.

The huge demand within this programme outstrips supply with many properties being sold off-plan before construction has even started, thus guaranteeing an exit strategy. With the long-term aim of the Casa Verde e Amarela programme being to provide adequate accommodation for all and to eradicate favelas throughout the country, demand for such properties is expected to rise even further during the coming years.

Across its various departments and construction sites, The Oak IF Group provides employment for more than 100 people. Our young, professional and highly-motivated team on the ground manages all aspects of delivering suitable properties for the Casa Verde e Amarela programme, through:

Sourcing projects

Managing planning




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