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Building homes and a future

The initial target for the government was to build 1 million properties through the Minha Casa Minha Vida programme.

However, this target was reached within 18 months of the programme's conception, having been repeatedly increased since. The most recently stated target is 24 million properties, having currently delivered approximately 8 million of those houses.

At Oak IF Group, we've financed and built over 500 properties in the last six years, with many more projects in the pipeline.

Libertadores da America – Plaza Garden

A project of 14 houses completed in 2022

Libertadores da America - Moinho dos Ventos

A project of 15 houses completed in 2021

Residential Esperanza

A project of 20 houses completed in 2017

Central Parque Club

A project of 12 houses completed in 2017

Residencial Paraiso

A project of 78 houses started in 2016 and completed in 2020