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Welcoming Investors

Oak IF Group welcomes investors from around the globe. As a company, we have developed a sound financial structure that allows us to provide excellent returns for our investors whilst providing a humanitarian service to those people most in need.​

Investments are made through our UK parent company under UK legislation, with SPV companies created for individual development projects on the ground in Brazil. Investments from the rest of Europe are made through our associated Spanish company. 


Investment packages are individually tailored to each investor with fixed rates of return between 10% and 12%, agreed under contract at the point of investment. Rates of return will depend upon both the level and term of the investment, as well as the availability of suitable projects in Brazil.

Oak IF Group also welcomes all of their current and future investors to visit our projects in Brazil, meet our experienced team and see the difference we are making to the lives of the people of Natal.​​


Minimum investment: £100,000 (GBP)

Minimum term: 2 years

Rate of return: 12-15% per annum (depending on level of investment)

Find out more about how to invest

Join the group of investors making a difference to the lives of people in Natal

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